Prospective Members



The Membership of the club is open to citizens of India, to bonafide foreigners permitted to visit or reside in India according to law, and to companies, corporations, local bodies, Partnership Firms, all duly incorporated/constituted.

No individual who has not completed 21 years of age shall be eligible to become a member.


Those desirous of becoming a member of the club, and qualify for such membership (check eligibility criteria above), but do not otherwise disqualify shall apply to the secretary in the prescribed form, which can be obtained from the office of the club on payment of cost fixed by the managing committee. The form can also be downloaded from here and submitted along with the form price. Such application shall be proposed and seconded by at least two bonafide members of the club.

No member of the Managing committee of the club can propose or second any applicant for the membership of the club.

No bonafide member shall propose and/or second more then two applicants for membership in a year and he shall not propose and/or second any candidate not personally known to him.

*Bonafide member means a member who has completed at least three years of membership in the club, and he /she has no dues of the club on the date when he/she proposes and seconds.

Year means the accounting year of the club, which begins on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st March every year.

On receipt of application for membership, the secretary srutinizes the same and if he finds it in order he puts up the application on the notice board of the club inviting objections, if any, from members in admitting such applicants to the membership of the club. On expiry of thirty days of inviting objections from members, the secretary places the application(s), with objections if any, for consideration and decision of the Managing Committee. The unanimous decision of the managing committee thereon is final.

Other Conditions on Application for Membership:

  • The application form should be obtained from the club office.
  • The application is to be accompanied with 3 (Three) Photographs (PP size).
  • The application should be accompanied with a copy of valid PAN Card, Address proof, Proof of Educational Qualification etc.
  • In case of Corporate Membership, the application must be accompanied with Article of Association and Bylaws of the Company, Certificate of Incorporation, Audited Balance Sheet, TIN, Board Resolution.
  • The application is to be accompanied by a Draft/Cheque of Rs. 10,000/- payable to BRAHMANI CLUB, which Will be later adjusted with admission fee or refunded if the application is rejected.